Our very own Heidi Lavan, lead esthetician at Spa Phoenix, gives us 4 tips for healthy skin this winter.

We have all used the excuses not to take care of our skin.

“But I’m tired!”, “I just don’t have time!” etc. I’ve heard it all and lived these truths myself.  The difference is that I choose to make myself a priority.  It’s not always easy and yes, I’m tired too, but you cannot stop taking care of yourself. That doesn’t make for a happy, energetic and calm momma.  With that said, here are my…

skin care virginia beach tips for healthy skin

Easy Tips For Healthy Skin This Winter

  • Remove eye makeup first (and always!). Do not skip this simple step and then wonder why you have dark circles the next morning. It may be yesterday’s mascara!
  • Wash your face with a creamy cleanser, exfoliate dead skin and excess makeup away.  Now you have a beautifully clean palate and your skin will be able to better absorb all the wonderful antioxidants and moisture you’re about to bestow upon it!
  • Use a hydrating serum with your PM moisturizer. Skin Amnesty Infusion, a serum rich in antioxidants or St. Barth Avocado Oil along with your night moisturizer makes a huge impact to keep your skin healthy during the dry winter months.
  • Use a cool-mist humidifier near your bed throughout the winter. It aids in keeping your skin and nasal passages moist while sleeping, giving you hydrated skin and clear breathing the next morning.


Taking care of your skin not only makes you look great, but your skin feels and is healthier!  Healthy supple skin is your best defense against extreme dryness which can lead to cracked areas and leave you prone to infections and sickness.


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