Liposuction shapes the abdomen by removing excess fat and sculpting the fat that remains to flatten the abdomen and shape the waistline. Sometimes liposuction is not enough to get the shape a person wants. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a body contouring procedure that can shape the abdomen. Last year plastic surgeons performed over 100,000 tummy tucks. In Virginia Beach, abdominoplasty is a very commonly performed procedure.

Abdominal muscle position contributes to abdominal shape. Pregnancy or weight loss cause the abdominal muscles to separate leading to a diastasis recti. The tummy muscle bulge that results is not from weak tummy muscles, but muscles that are in the wrong position. An abdominoplasty addresses this issue. Tightening the loose band brings the muscles together, flattening the tummy.

Skin laxity  is another problem to address to optimize abdominal shape. Loose skin is removed during a tummy tuck to firm the abdomen and accentuate the abdominal contour.

Tummy Tucks are also an integral part of Mommy Makeovers and Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss.

Below is a video discussing the Abdominoplasty procedure.

In my next blog post I will show abdominoplasty before and after pictures in men and women.

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