One of the most exciting, yet nerve racking choices in breast augmentation is selecting the size and shape of the implant. Many options for the size and shape of breast implants allow a woman to the ability to select the proportion she wants. I will discuss some of the breast augmentation options available.

Implant Size

breast implant sizes

Some breast Implant sizes

Implant size is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). For a frame of reference 5cc=1 teaspoon. As breast implants increase in size they get bother wider and fuller.

Implant Shape
Implants for breast augmentation can be either round or tear drop shaped. Tear drop, also known as anatomic, have more fill at the bottom than at the top of the implant. Round breast implants are, of course, round.

The tear drop shaped implants were introduced originally for women as a reconstruction option after mastectomy. these anatomic implants are textured so they will not rotate in the breast pocket.  While both options of breast shape are available today, the tear drop shaped implants have a few drawbacks. Most women have some breast tissue, usually inSilicone Breast Implants Shape Virginia Beachthe bottom of the breast and want more fill superiorly.  Because anatomic implants have more fill at the bottom, they may not give the woman the amount of superior fill she wants to have. A round implant will provide this. Since anatomic breast implants have a textured surface, they tend to ripple more. Also textured implants can shift or rotate leading to a distorted breast shape.

Implant Profile
Implants for breast augmentation have a variety of profiles. Breast implant profile is determined by the ratio of the breast implant base to its projection. Breast implant profiles are high, moderate and low and are available for each size of breast implant.

breastimplantprofilesLow Profile – These breast implants have the widest base and least projection of the three types.

High Profile – These implants have the smallest base and the most projection projection.

Moderate Profile – These breast implants are in between.

How To Choose The Correct Implant 
With so many options for breast augmentation, how can you decide what’s right for you? I have listed a few ways to figure it out.

1. The surgeon decides. Yes, today in 2013 there are still plastic surgeons out there who will tell you the size they think is best for your breast augmentation. Virginia Beach still has plastic surgeons like this.

2. No one decides. The are mathematical formulas that determine breast implant selection based on the diameter of your chest wall and the distance from the collar bone to the nipple.

3.The patient decides. Women will say my friend has a 300cc implant and she looks great, I want that too. Unfortunately, everyone is different and the results may not be the same.

4. The team approach. As you might have guessed, I believe this is the best approach and the approach for breast augmentation at Galumbeck Plastic Surgery. I recommend the patient bring in several tight fitting tops. We supply the various bra sizes and implants. We have patients try on the implants to determine which one gives them the look and proportion they want. While it is the most time consuming of the methods to determine breast augmentation implant selection, I think it offers the woman the best idea of what they will look like after the surgery.

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