November is known for spending time with friends and family at Thanksgiving and big sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What you may not know is that November is also National Healthy Skin Month. So I thought I would spend this blog talking about skin aging, factors that affect it, and how to have healthy skin.

Skin Aging and Inflammation
As the skin ages many detrimental changes occur. Decreased production of collagen, increased breakdown of collagen, and increased presence of free oxygen radicals lead to the appearance of unhealthy, aged, wrinkled skin. Furthermore, these imbalances lead to decreased moisturization of the skin and unbalanced sebum production.
The inflammatory response, the reaction of the body to defend itself, appears to be a leading factor in many disease processes like diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease. Inflammation appears to play a leading role in skin aging as well.

Lifestyle factors accelerate the aging process. These include

  • Exposure to the sun
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Alcohol

All contribute to the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are compounds that damage skin cells. Oxygen free radicals destroy the cellular biomembranes of skin and create lipid peroxides that damage cellular lipid barriers and accelerate skin aging.

Healthy Skin
Skin health and skin aging has been the focus of scientific research for the past several decades. With recent advances in scientific techniques and a new understanding of cellular changes, the key to the process of skin aging is becoming more defined.

So What can you do to Have Healthy Skin

Healthy eating leads to healthy skin

Healthy eating leads to healthy skin

1. You are what you eat
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are rich in antioxidants.
During the fall fruits and vegetables are plentiful to help save your skin. These include
Apples, Quince, Pomegranates, Cranberries, Kale, Spinach, and Sweet Potatoes.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Hydrate both inside and out.
Drink plenty of water and use a good moisturizer. The air is drier and windier leading to a faster loss of moisture through the skin.

3. Use Sunblock
Even though you may not be at the beach or the pool, the sun is still out and can cause skin damage. Moisturizers with a barrier blocker (like micronized zinc oxide) protect your skin without irritation.

4. Professional Help
It never hurts to get a jumpstart on healthy skin. Consult an aesthetician for a program of Spa Treatments as well as products to restore your skin.

You don't have to be young to have healthy skin

You don’t have to be young to have healthy skin

These tips will help you have healthier skin in November, as well as the rest of the year.

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