Over 350,000 liposuction procedures were performed last year. This video shows liposuction before and after pictures of patients operated on by plastic surgeon Matthew Galumbeck at his accredited facility, Galumbeck Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach.

Dr. Galumbeck discusses many options for liposuction, including laser liposculpting.

Liposuction is the cosmetic surgery procedure to permanently remove areas of fat. In addition to having fat removed, these areas of the body can be sculpted to give a more definition and improved proportion.

While it is not a weight loss procedure, liposuction can be used on any area of the body where there is excess fat.

This video shows liposuction of the abdomen of a woman and liposuction of the abdomen and love handles in a man including before and after pictures. This video also discusses the quick recovery time after liposuction.


  • Permanently Removes Fat
  • Improves Shape
  • Short Procedure
  • Fast Recovery Time


Video Transcript
From Galumbeck Plastic Surgery this is new techniques in cosmetic surgery.

If you just tuned in, we have been discussing breast augments, breast lifts, and also breast reductions.

Now we are going to shift our focus to other aspects of the body, liposuction how that can help recontour the hips the thighs and other areas.

Doctor Galumbeck certainly liposuction and the type of liposuction that you use can make a significant difference in the shape of a person’s body but also in recovery time.

Right, well with liposuction the real advantage of liposuction is it removes fat cells, permanently removes fat cells, so not only do we make someone smaller, but we improve their shape.

Whereas diet and exercise, fat cells will shrink and the bulges may get smaller, but the bulges don’t go away. Now certainly If you get liposuction and then you start eating fast food and you don’t exercise you are going to get fat.

But most people say I’m frustrated because I am doing everything right, I have a personal trainer, some of the people who come in are personal trainers. They say I am doing everything right, but I still can’t get rid of these bulges. That’s what liposuction is for. To target those areas, remove the extra fat, and improve their shape.

Folks say look, I want to get something done, I don’t have a lot of time to recover and really I think that this is one that things that is really opened up and allowed more people get liposuction, because really they can fit into the schedule you know you can get liposuction of the abdomen on a Friday or Saturday and be back to work Monday.

Oh, you know you are a little sore like you’ve worked out too hard, but they say you know I’ve done that before.

Medically there are no restrictions, and your up and around a lot sooner and people can really fit it into their schedule.

You can really do any of the body: tummies, hips, thighs, back, arms, neck, and chest. Anywhere there is fat, you can get rid of it.

You said you can fit into your schedule, you can also fit into clothes a lot better if you pursue this type of technique. And the abdomen, of course, is the one place, I think the men and women probably complain about a lot because it tends to be right where everything goes.

So that’s that certainly one of the areas I imagine that’s pretty often requested, especially for woman, the lower abdomen. They say, I have this lower pooch and I can’t get rid of it.

When I look at the abdomen, I usually do not only do the lower abdomen, but I will contour the upper abdomen and the sides to bring everything so that it flows and blends nicely.

Here’s a woman that we did liposuction of the abdomen. You can see in her before picture she’s got an extra bulge mainly in her lower abdomen but also in the upper abdomen and on the sides. And by performing the liposuction not only do we give her a better waistline you know we’re also getting rid of the extra fat in her abdomen and she’s flatter and tighter. You can see in her after pictures just that in the front view that she’s got a better waistline. In the side view, you can see the abdomen is much flatter. The liposuction incisions are about an eighth of an inch or a quarter of an inch long. They are in the panty line and well hidden and you can get a result like this and be up and around in no time.

So it takes about how long for this to be performed. Liposuction of the abdomen takes about forty-five minutes. We use intravenous sedation to the patients have a nice little snooze and for them it’s just like that. And they’re recovering for an hour at our facility and then they can go home and are up and about immediately. Maybe a little soreness but that of course also will abate.

I did say something about men a little bit earlier. Yes if you are a male when you’re watching the show right now, certainly there’s liposuction for you. And there are certain areas of the body that men certainly complain about. And that would probably be something called what, love handles, the love handles and the abdomen on men.

They say the same thing as women; they say I go to the gym all the time to work out and I can’t get rid of this stuff. And they come in for liposuction again small incisions, remove the fat, improve the shape.

And here’s a gentleman that we did liposuction, on you can see his before picture in front of his abdomen he’s got excess fat and not a lot of definition. On this on his back picture you can really see the love handles. They are big, they are there, and he can’t get rid of them. and in this after picture you can see that his abdomen is much flatter and his love handles are gone. And this is the kind of result you can get with liposuction. He’s out of the garment in four days, back to work and social activities in no time. Well hidden incisions and then again I do the incisions below the belt line so in shorts, in bathing suits, you won’t see any of the incisions. And those to fade with time.

Good stuff and so gentleman if you’re out there looking at this, know something can be done. On that note thank so much for joining us this has been new techniques in cosmetic surgery I’m your host Jan Callahan along with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Galumbeck. We’ll see next time.

About Dr. Matt Galumbeck

With over 20 years of clinical experience and having performed over 5,000 cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Matthew Galumbeck has the experience and skills to deliver outstanding cosmetic surgery outcomes.

A native of Virginia Beach, Matthew Galumbeck, MD received his undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary, and his medical degree from Duke University. He trained in general surgery at Case Western Reserve University, and in plastic surgery at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Further study includes advanced training in body contouring in Paris.

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