Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Many women feel that their breast size is disproportionate to the rest of their body. Others are unhappy with the shape of their breasts. Options for enhancing the appearance of the breasts include breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift (mastopexy). Best results are sometimes achieved by a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift.

cosmetic breast surgery

Dr. Galumbeck incorporates many new techniques in cosmetic breast surgery that allow patients fast recovery times. The variety of options that is offered allows for an individualized approach, giving patients a natural appearance, not an operated look.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Galumbeck and his staff can discuss the options in cosmetic breast surgery that will best suit your specific needs.


Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures:

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Note: Pages devoted to procedures contain photographs of patients, before and after their procedures. These photographs may include nudity and are for adult patients only.