Breast Augmentation in Virginia Beach

Are You Considering Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic breast surgery performed. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery nearly 300,000 women had breast augmentation last year. There are many reasons women have enhancement including

  • Women With Small Breasts
  • Loss Of Breast Volume From Pregnancy or Breast Feeding
  • Change In Breast Size Or Shape After Weight Loss
  • Breast Asymmetry

Additionally, breast enhancement with breast implants can be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures and is an essential part of mommy makeovers or plastic surgery after weight loss. Many women are concerned that their breasts are too small for their body. As a result, they have difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. Many say that they are self conscious because their breast size is not proportional to the rest of their body.

Breast Augmentation Surgery with Breast Implants is a wonderful way to look your best, boost confidence and feel great about your body. Performing breast augmentation surgery in Virginia Beach, breast augmentation specialist Dr. Matthew Galumbeck offers a variety of options that will give you a natural appearance without an operated look.

Are You A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Like all elective cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is a very personal choice. You should be in overall good physical health. You want to improve your breast shape or overall body proportion, enhance your cleavage and breast size, or correct breast asymmetry. Most important, you should have realistic expectations.

Breast augmentation candidates

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Women from all over Hampton Roads consult with Dr. Galumbeck in his Virginia Beach accredited plastic surgery facility. When you meet with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Galumbeck, you will learn about your options for a breast augmentation. You will be able to show him your concerns, during your exam. Dr. Galumbeck will assess your chest size, shape and symmetry. Together, you and Dr. Galumbeck will be able to create an individualized treatment plan to help you realize your goals.

Next you will be able to view breast augmentation before and after pictures of patients that have been operated on by Dr. Galumbeck.

Finally, you’ll  receive a price for the procedures you want. This gives you the whole cost of your elective procedure.

Your Options For Breast Augmentation

To achieve the shape and proportion you want, Dr. Galumbeck will discuss the many options that you have to individualize your breast augmentation results. In addition to the choices of breast implants, You can select your

  • Breast Augmentation Incision
  • Breast Implant Location

Incisions For Breast Augmentation

There are four choices for breast augmentation incisions. These include

  • Axillary – Through The Armpit
  • Periareolar – Around The Nipple
  • Inframammary – In The Breast Crease
  • Transumbilical – Through The Belly Button

Periareolar Incision

The peri-areolar (around the nipple) incision for breast augmentation is very common. This incision is made at the junction of the bottom of the nipple and the breast skin. It follows the curve of the areola. Due to the color change between the darker areola and lighter breast skin, the scar blends well in this area.

Yet, This may not be an option for women who have a very small areola. Many scientific breast studies support that this incision does not increase the risk of decreased nipple sensation or inability to breast feed.

Pros and Cons


  • Hidden in clothes and bathing suits
  • Easy access for the plastic surgeon to shape the breast
  • Can be used again for revision surgery


  • Breast augmentation scar can be visible when topless

Inframammary Incision

The inframammary incision for breast augmentation is the most commonly used approach. The incision is placed in the crease of the breast. For breast augmentation with saline implants the incision approximately 4 centimeters.

While saline implants are filled after they are inserted, silicone implants are pre-filled. As a result, all breast augmentation incisions are longer with silicone implants.

Pros and Cons


  • Hidden in clothes and bathing suits
  • Easy access for the plastic surgeon to shape the breast
  • Can be used again for revision surgery


  • Breast augmentation scar may be visible when lying flat

Axillary Incision

The axillary (armpit) incision is a third commonly used incision for breast augmentation. This incision is made in a crease in the armpit. As a result, this incision leaves no scar on the breast. However, the armpit breast scar can be seen when the arm is raised.

As this incision is farther away from the breast, an endoscope is used to assist in the creation of the breast pocket and placement of the implant.

Pros and Cons


  • No incision on the breast


  • Visible in tank tops and bathing suits when arms are raised
  • An endoscope should be used for the plastic surgeon to shape the breast
  • A peri-areolar or inframammary incision is needed for revision surgery
  • May leave a small area of the arm permanently numb

Transumbilical Incision

The trans-umbilical (belly button) incision is an uncommon incision for breast augmentation. The incision is made in the upper side of the belly button and a tunnel is made to the breast. The breast pocket is created and the implant is placed.

This approach is not recommended by the implant manufacturers. Dr. Galumbeck does not use this incision.

Pros and Cons


  • No incision on the breast


  • An endoscope should be used for the plastic surgeon to shape the breast
  • A peri-areolar or inframammary incision is needed for revision surgery
  • Not recommended by breast implant manufacturers

There is no right or wrong incision. Each incision has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, understanding the choices for incisions will allow you to select the one you are most comfortable with.

Implant Placement For Breast Augmentation

Location, Location, Location! Another choice women have today in breast augmentation is the placement of the implant. The options for breast implant placement are either over or under the muscle.

The breast implant is always placed behind the breast tissue. As a result, the milk ducts, blood vessels, and nerves from the breast tissue to the nipple and areola remain intact.

breast implant location virginia beach

Implant Placement Under The Muscle

Placement of the breast implant behind the muscle provides added soft tissue coverage and allows for more of a breast slope. In women with very little breast tissue, placing the implant under the muscle reduces the risk of implant rippling or implant wrinkling.

The pressure of the top portion of the muscle on the breast implant allows it to take on a more sloping appearance. It is also easier to image the breast tissue during mammograms.

Studies have shown that placing implants behind the muscle are much less likely to form a capsular contracture, or hardening and distortion of the breast, from excessive scar tissue formation.

However, there are disadvantages. When the muscle is flexed, the implant can be displaced upward.

Pros and Cons


  • Less likely to ripple
  • Lower risk of capsular contracture
  • Easier to read mammograms


  • Implant distortion when the Pectoralis muscle is flexed

Breast Implant Placement On Top Of The Muscle

Placement of the breast implant in front of the muscle offers some distinct advantages as well as some disadvantages when compared to submuscular placement.

As the muscle does not cover the implant, there is less tissue between the implant and the skin. As a result, implant rippling or wrinkling is more noticeable. For that reason, Dr. Galumbeck usually recommends using silicone implants when using this approach. Since there is no muscle coverage, implants placed in front of the muscle have a rounder shape. Also, the implant will not become distorted if the muscle is flexed. In women with some breast drop, placing the implant in front of the muscle may prevent the need for a breast lift.

However, Higher risk of capsular contracture occurs in women who have implants placed in front of the muscle.

Pros and Cons


  • No implant distortion with muscle flexion
  • May prevent the need for a breast lift in women with breast droop


  • More likely to ripple
  • Higher incidence of capsular contracture

As with all options for breast augmentation there are no right or wrong choices. These options help you get the result you desire.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Thanks to better technology and refined surgical techniques, Virginia Beach breast augmentation at Galumbeck Plastic Surgery can deliver a very natural and satisfying result. Dr. Galumbeck is especially skilled in performing augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift or other body contouring procedures. The procedure is performed in the privacy and comfort of our fully accredited on-site operating suite.

The steps in breast augmentation surgery include

  • Preoperative Markings – ensures proper breast implant placement
  • Intravenous Anesthesia – given by our physician anesthesiologist
  • Incision – allows access to the breast tissue
  • Creation Of The Breast Pocket – use of the endoscope allows precise dissection
  • Insertion Of The Breast Implant – creates a new breast shape
  • Final Check – makes sure breasts are symmetrical
  • Closure Of The Incision – minimizes scar

The Endoscope

breast implant endoscope

  By utilizing new techniques such as endoscopic assistance, Dr. Galumbeck is able to make smaller incisions, and shorten the length of the procedure (breast augmentation takes about one hour).

In addition, Dr. Galumbeck also uses the Keller Funnel™ for breast augmentation procedures involving silicone gel implants. The Keller Funnel™ offers a no-touch delivery technique.

Breast Augmentation Cost

The average cost of a breast augmentation is $5400, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Breast Augmentation cost can vary widely. The average fee referenced above does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses. Make sure that your augmentation mammaplasty cost includes:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Surgeon’s fee

When choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon for a breast enlargement, remember that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final cost of the surgery.