Breast Lift And Augmentation

Women who come to Dr. Galumbeck’s Virginia Beach office for information about a breast lift procedure, or for breast augmentation by saline or silicone implants, sometimes find that the results they desire can only be achieved by a combination of the two procedures, a breast lift and augmentation. We are so pleased to offer you a combined breast augmentation with lift procedure that will give you amazing and beautiful results with one convenient procedure.

Breast Lift and Augmentation

breast lift and augmentation The mastopexy restores a woman’s breasts to their natural position, correcting droop and unevenness. When complemented by implants that restore volume lost to weight loss, breast feeding or aging, the breast lift gives women beautiful results. Improved position, profile and size are apparent. Many women find the breast lift and augmentation combination creates better overall shape and proportion. Loss of breast tissue volume and excess of skin is common for women who have lost a high percentage of their body weight. For these women, the breast augmentation restores lost fullness, while the lift addresses droop. Another benefit of the combination breast lift and augmentation procedure is that it can address a woman’s uneven breasts. A plastic surgeon with experience in breast surgery can position breasts more evenly, with improved symmetry.

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