Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women develop back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and bra strap grooves due to large breasts. They may also complain that their breasts are droopy and the nipples are low. Breast Reduction Surgery improves the shape and size of the breast and can offer relief to your back and body pains.


During the consultation at Galumbeck Plastic Surgery, patients can discuss their desired outcome, including the size and shape they wish to attain postoperatively.

Breast Reduction Surgery Galumbeck Plastic Surgery Virginia Beach

Procedure – Dr. Galumbeck utilizes liposuction to remove fat from the bra roll as well as to shape the breast. The size of the areola is reduced if needed. Excess skin and breast tissue are removed. The remaining breast tissue is lifted and sutured to the top of the chest. This internal brassiere procedure allows the breast to maintain a perky shape after the breast reduction procedure even when the patient is not wearing a bra. 

In the privacy and comfort of our onsite operating suite in Virginia Beach breast reduction surgery is performed. By utilizing new techniques, Dr. Galumbeck is able to make smaller incisions, and shorten the length of procedures. Patients are able to return home about one hour after the procedure, and can return to work and social activities in just a few days. Most women notice an immediate improvement in their physical well-being.

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