Cosmetic Eye Surgery – Blepharoplasty

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

We often say the eyes are a mirror into the soul. Drooping brows and upper eyelids and puffy lower lids can obscure the eyes though, giving you a tired, aged appearance. With age, brows droop and fat in the upper and lower eyelids stretches the eyelid skin, producing puffiness and bags. While many people say they are well rested, due to their appearance, they look exhausted. At Galumbeck Plastic Surgery, you can get a full range of Cosmetic Eye Surgery Procedures to help you discover just how beautiful your eyes can truly be.  At your initial consultation, Dr. Galumbeck assesses your face to determine treatment options specific to your needs. For lower eyelid surgery, an incision is made under the eyelashes to remove excess skin and fat. For upper eyelids, an incision well hidden in the upper eyelid crease is used to remove excess fat and skin. If a brow lift is indicated, an incision in the hairline is performed. By using the endoscope, eyelid and browlift incisions are kept inconspicuous. Eyebrows are raised and forehead wrinkles are removed. The procedure is performed in the privacy and comfort of our on-site operating suite. New techniques allow smaller incisions, and shorten the length of procedures. Patients are able to return home about one hour after the procedure, and can return to work and social activities in just a few days.

Before and After: Blepharoplasty

cosmetic eye surgery male blepharoplasty cosmetic eyelid surgery

Before and After: Brow Lift

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