Cosmetic Neck Surgery

A sharp jaw line and well-defined neck-chin angle are the hallmarks of a youthful neck. Fat deposits underneath the chin (turkey neck or wattle) and along the side of the jaw (jowling) give a tired, heavy, aged appearance. Thankfully, Cosmetic Neck Surgery and Neck Liposuction with Dr. Galumbeck is the answer to finding your beautiful neckline once again. With a small incision underneath the chin, liposuction can permanently remove the fat. The skin will shrink down (in many instances without the need of a neck lift) to give a more youthful, well-rested appearance.

Laser liposuction ensures quick recovery and a fast return to family, work and social activities. To be specific, a small, supportive and adhesive foam strip is worn following the surgery and for 36-48 hours afterwards and is then removed.

The recuperation from an old school or “tumescent” neck liposuction often requires the patient to wear a chin strap (“jaw bra”) 24/7 for two weeks immediately following the surgery, followed by night time wear (8 hrs.) for another two weeks

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