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Look and feel your best. Male plastic surgery and body shaping with Galumbeck Plastic Surgery.

Male Plastic Surgery laser liposuction of a man's chest, love handles and abdomen by Matthew Galumbeck, MD, Virginia Beach




Women have their problem areas, and men have theirs. Love Handles. That over the belt strip. Double Chin.
If diet and exercise aren’t cutting it, laser assisted liposuction may be the answer.

Fat cells are removed, permanently, from the areas that vex you.

With the laser liposuction procedure, a precisely calibrated laser scans the exterior of the body, targeting fat cells and changing the composition of the fat. Through a small incision (only 1/4 inch), the de-stabilized fat is removed.

The process is safe, less invasive than old-style tumescent liposuction, and because it is less invasive, healing is much faster. For instance – if you have those fat deposits at the rear of the waist removed by laser lipo, you’ll wear a compression garment for about four days. With tumescent liposuction, a compression garment is worn for six to eight weeks.

Post-surgery, you’ll feel sore – comparable to a pulled muscle or sprain in that area. You should be able to return to work (unless its a strenuous physical job) within three days. Within a week to ten days, you can get back to the gym and resume normal exercise. The incisions are sealed with a single suture, and the sutures come out after 7 days.

male plastic surgery - liposuction of a man's love handles
laser liposuction bodyshaping of the male chest
laser liposuction bodyshaping of the abdomen and love handles by Matthew Galumbeck, MD

[cq_vc_beforeafter beforeimage=”7256″ afterimage=”7257″ autoslide=”0″ iconcolor=”#e0bd11″]
[et_parent tab_style=”linebox” tab_animation=”fadeInUp” color_tab_txt=”#ffffff” color_tab_bg=”#020202″ color_act_txt=”#000000″ color_act_bg=”#e0bd11″ color_content_bg=”#020202″ color_content_txt=”#ffffff”][et_single icon=”check-square-o” tab_title=”Pec Implants”]Even with liposuction of the chest many men find they don’t have adequate chest definition. Through a small incision in the armpit, a pectoralis implant can be placed to permanently improve the shape of the male chest.

Pec implants can be used to correct a sunken chest. The implants are made of solid silicon, and mimic the shape – and the feel – of a solid, worked out pec muscle.

pec implants- cosmetic surgery for men at Galumbeck Plastic Surgery Virginia Beach[/et_single][et_single icon=”check-square-o” tab_title=”Love Handles”]Love handles are to men as pooch is to women.

male plastic surgery virginia beach

If you’ve exhausted yourself with diet and exercise without results, and can’t live with your love handles any longer, choices are limited. Laser liposuction could be the answer.

Plastic surgery for men- liposuction love handles

Not only will you look better with your shirt off, you’ll find that without love handles, clothes look and fit better and are easier to shop for.[/et_single][et_single icon=”check-square-o” tab_title=”Facial Rejuvenation”]It’s said that women age and men weather. But sagging eyelids, drooping jowls and deep wrinkles are signs of aging on everyone, regardless of gender.

Some men begin to look like their fathers at an early age. Or their grandfathers. Environment and lifestyle plays its part – the skin of a 45-year-old surfer or outdoorsman who has never used sun protection isn’t pretty.

Factors men should consider in facial surgery:

  • Artistry: Like Dr. Galumbeck, your surgeon should document work that results in a natural and masculine, refreshed look.
  • Technology: your plastic surgeon should use technology to ensure a safe procedure and a quick recovery phase and great results, just as Dr. Galumbeck uses endoscopes and lasers.
  • Innovation: New techniques, like Galumbeck Plastic Surgery’s laser-assisted liposuction, ensure good results.

male facelift plastic surgery for guys

Most Common Plastic Surgery Facial Procedures for Men

  • Neck Liposuction (to solve double chin/wattle)
  • Partial Face Lift
  • Otoplasty (to correct prominent ears)
  • Eyelids (blepharoplasty); upper, lower or both
  • Full Facelift
  • Botox and Restylane (non-invasive, but non-permanent)