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Stay in the Game : Liposuction For Men


Liposuction for men is one of the most popular procedures performed. Women have their problem areas, and men have theirs. Love Handles. That over the belt strip. Double Chin. If diet and exercise aren’t cutting it, laser assisted liposuction may be the answer. Fat cells are removed, permanently, from the areas that vex you.

With the laser liposuction procedure, a precisely calibrated laser scans the exterior of the body, targeting fat cells and changing the composition of the fat. Through a small incision (only 1/4 inch), the de-stabilized fat is removed. The process is safe, less invasive than old-style tumescent liposuction, and because it is less invasive, healing is much faster. For instance – if you have those fat deposits at the rear of the waist removed by laser lipo, you’ll wear a compression garment for about four days. With tumescent liposuction, a compression garment is worn for six to eight weeks. Post-surgery, you’ll feel sore – comparable to a pulled muscle or sprain in that area. You should be able to return to work (unless its a strenuous physical job) within three days. Within a week to ten days, you can get back to the gym and resume normal exercise. The incisions are sealed with a single suture, and the sutures come out after 7 days.

liposuction of a man's love handles laser liposuction bodyshaping of the male chest laser liposuction bodyshaping of the abdomen and love handles by Matthew Galumbeck, MD

Liposuction For Men: Abdomen and Love Handles

This 32 year old Norfolk man had excess fat around his mid section and love handles. He is active and not overweight. He was concerned with his overall abdominal shape and proportion. By performing laser liposuction at our accredited outpatient facility in Virginia Beach, Dr. Galumbeck was able to not only permanently remove fat cells, but improve this patient’s shape as well. Liposuction for men involves not only removing excess fat, but also defining the abdomen and waistline, giving their waist line a more V shaped appearance.


liposuction for men abdomen front before and after liposuction for men abdomen side before and after liposuction for men love handles before and after