Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Fatty deposits in the chest (lipomastia) or excess breast tissue in men (gynecomastia) can be a source of great distress to those who’ve lived with the condition. These men reluctantly share stories of body shame, taunts from peers and their own desperate attempts (wearing a t-shirt while swimming, baggy shirts) to camouflage their breast development in settings and situations that most men don’t give a second thought to. The fatty deposits can be quickly and effectively removed with laser liposuction of the chest. Through several small incisions, excess chest fat can be permanently removed, leaving an improved appearance that, in many instances, cannot be achieved even with the most strenuous exercise.

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male breast reduction

Male Breast Reduction

After Weight Loss

After weight loss, many men have not only excess fat, but excess skin as well. Dr. Galumbeck, at his accredited plastic surgery center in Virginia Beach, specializes in contouring of the chest after weight loss. The below male breast reduction before and after pictures show one such male. He is a 28 year old male that lost 75 pounds. Although he had achieved his desired weight, he was unhappy with the shape of his chest, especially his excess skin. male breast reduction virginia beach galumbeck plastic surgery Combining laser liposuction body contouring as well as removal of excess skin, the patient was able to achieve his desired result. male breast reduction after weight loss